Oil Spills occur despite preventive efforts. Oil Spills happen on land and in water, during the day and at night, under clear skies and in heavy rain. They vary in size, from just a few hundred gallons/barrels to the millions of gallons/barrels. Preparing a timely and coordinated response to such emergencies of undefined magnitude that can happen anywhere, at any time and in any kind of weather requires a company that has significant expertise and equipment. According to NAPIMS; approximately six (6) oil spills are currently occurring throughout the Niger Delta Area each day.

Detechno-fluid with her team of highly trained and experienced personnel backed by International support and with an in depth knowledge of the Niger Delta utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to contain and recover oil spillages including mechanical containment and recovery, chemical, biological and physical methods. In addition, Detechno-fluid will design, develop, conduct and review scenarios for oil spill response exercises, drills and contingency plan.